Jeremy Corbett he is SUPPOSED to be funny..

It is a sad indictment of the state of NZs entertainment industry….that a TOTAL PRAT like Corbettstein fronts a “comedy” show in the country.

Dickhead,Tosser,Dropkick are words that spring to mind when attempting to describe this jerk…….BUT he would be very useful for making a boutique range of soap….give him his fair due.OR how about a range of Lampshades!….what about Shrunken Head Corbetts…a new art deco range of household ornaments….anything at all except dumb idiotic non funny TV stupidity….

NZers deserve higher quality television than this shit….NZ is in very real danger of ending up like American television…a nightmare of dumbed down PAP….totally in the thrall of an aggressive racist minority….It won’t be long before NZ gets a version of Ellen Degenerate….where poor NZers get given bags of money…to make ‘m feel good….while the Jewish elite robs them blind.

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