“Te Radar”One of NZs idiotic non humorous humorists..

It goes without saying that this idiot is Jewish….since NZ TV is totally dominated by Jews….this domination is achieved via a racist employment policy….but since Jews like “te radar” do not mention their ethnicity and pass for Caucasian…then no one notices.

Then there are all the TWATS who front up on non funny panel shows…mostly Jews…no Europeans.

One who particularly stands out is a crypto jewess from South Africa….a grossly overweight BLOB…..Dial up your nearest Palmolive soap factory!..’

According to the NZ Woman’s Weekly…special arrangements had to be made for a super strength,ultra wide chair to be constructed in order to accommodate the BLOBS massive BUTT…she has yet to say anything remotely funny….not one thing…zip,zero,nada….and the Jews who run the channel will be paying her large wads of money……not quite up to the near one million dollars paid to Judy Baileystein just for reading words off a teleprompter.

They then had NZs famous cat hating multimillionaire Gonzo Gareth…He made loads of money copying EBay and setting it up (Trade Me) before EBay got established in NZ……Cat fanciers have got a contract out on this Jew…They call him “Wingnut” …..

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