El Al gets competition…or does it

El Al flies to China three times a week…you could ask why since there are bugger all Chinese living in Israhell….

(See the pivotal role played by Jews leading up to the communist revolution in China….including a Jewish pedophile from New Zealand.. Rewi Alley)

Recently a new airline from China has started flying the same route as El Al…introducing some competition for the Jewish airline.

Hainan Airlines ….has introduced “Kike Klass” on this route which provides special plastic isolation bags so the greasy fiends can sit next to women…

But the most important fact to know about Hainan Airlines is the name of its largest shareholder…..GEORGE SOROS…so it looks like the airline is not actually in real competition with Jews.

The infiltration of Chinese society has already started…China offers abundant opportunity for parasitism…and it will take Chinese a couple of centuries before they realise what has happened.(Note.India’s version of Hollywood…that is Bollywood…already has a large compliment of Indian crypto Jews)

Has Hainan Airlines….got Chinese CRYPTO Jews in its management…beside the Hungarian jew of course?.

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