NZ Prime Minister tries new gambit to promote third world immigration.

“Look NZ needs immigration because of drug testing”

“NZ has drug testing and very few NZers are not free of drugs and they cannot be employed”.

Naturally there is NO examination of HOW this situation came about.

For the last forty years drug use has been promoted by the media as a cool thing to do….sure it’s illegal but what the hell.Going right back to the Beatles and Rolling Stones…..

Chinese organised crime in NZ is responsible for a lot of the importation of the raw materials…..

So drug use has been promoted by the media and has greatly influenced the widespread taking of drugs.Early films with this message included Born to be Wild…..

The influence of the media…an example.Previously the only people with a lot of tattoos were sailors on ships…where there has been a long tradition of tattooing and criminals…BUT there has been a sudden explosion of tattooing….why.

You’ll notice that MOST pop stars have them….this is the chief influence over the impressionable…they want to copy their heroes….some even idolize them….it’s the cool thing to do…impress your mates with a tatt.

This is one of the reasons drug taking has reached epidemic proportions,particularly in the USA.

So it’s all very well using drug taking as an excuse for not employing NZers …

Put it like this…The Sassoon family (middle eastern Jews who settled in Europe)…were the biggest dealers in history….they got millions of Chinese hooked on opium.The Chinese government could not control it…UNTIL they decided to wipe out all those involved in the business.It seems the president of the Phillipines is taking a leaf out of their book….Watch in the coming years as the country as a whole greatly benefits from his actions.

Strong action should be taken against drug dealers in NZ….just to prevent politicians from using this as an excuse,if nothing else.The death penalty would slow them down that’s for sure…but the media would be against that….of course.

Drug use poses a very real danger to Western democracies….If Trump has said he was going to execute drug dealers most Americans would have supported him…..not the media though.

Take a look at those Jewish fuckwits in the audience of the Oscars…EVERY SINGLE one of them will have used cocaine at sometime you can count on that….Hollywood is awash with illegal drugs.


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