NZ TV 1 runs sly immigration promo.

Here’s how they do it….

Trump was voted into office by Americans…primarily because Americans are sick of their country being over run by immigrants.

Britain voted for brexit…once again the third world flood of immigrants was the chief motivating factor…for this vote.

THE MEDIA CASTS TRUMP AS THE VILLAIN…never mind the fact that he was elected democratically.Trump has banned immigrants from certain countries….NOTE THIS…The MAJORITY of Americans would support this..BUT The Jewish controlled media DOES NOT.

NZ TV1….runs a promotion of featuring a couple of Syrian immigrants….proving how tolerant NZers are compared to that awful bogeyman Trump (it’s a big act and another example of the Jews strategy of running BOTH sides of any argument)…

The implication is….NZers are so wonderfully tolerant they favour their country being swamped by immigrants from alien cultures….well ACTUALLY the media is TELLING NZERS this stuff….no doubt hoping they’ll buy it.

The very old Syrian couple (you’ll notice they are not living in a garage,but comfortably housed) are shown and the Jewish reporter mentions their relatives who are still living in camps in Lebanon who may be able to join their relatives…now we see the objective.

The MOST crucial point to mention is HOW they became refugees….Global Jewry is using the USA which they control to destabilise the area in the interests of ISRAEL…..that’s how.And they are not finished yet….Iran is in their sights.


During the invasion of Iraq by the Zionist Occupied Government of America THOUSANDS of young children were KILLED…..there was not one example on TV of a news report showing Iraqi children being pulled alive from the wreckage of buildings destroyed by American bombs….Today there are routine examples of this BUT the perpetrators are always Islamist….do you get the picture of how the filth in the media do it?.

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