Standby for globalist propaganda….at the Oscars

We’ll be bringing you a full update on all the crypto Jews walking up the red carpet in a later bulletin.Also…coverage of the “message” that is being pushed by the Jewish elite.

Unfortunately due to “technical” difficulties a film documenting active Jewish participation in the Slave Trade will not be in contention for an award.

The movie “Crypto Jews who control the entertainment industry” never quite made it through to final consideration for an Oscar.Nor did the film “How to Massacre US citizens and get away with it…The USS Liberty”.

As mentioned we’ll have a full wrap up on the Oscars later in the day…At this stage Emma Stone looks like a certainty…NOTE:People with the surname “Stone” who work in the entertainment industry are ALWAYS Jews.Most likely “Stone” is an anglicised version of Stein….(name changing is a good method of disguising identity.(Ludwig Hoch….became Robert Maxwell…who went on to steal all his employees pension funds…then skipped town and was ultimately given a state funeral in the Jewish racist state of ISRAEL’…..he took Britain for hundreds of millions of pounds….The British govt did NOTHING…’currently Britain has a crypto jewess as Prime Minister……if you don’t like it…. a crypto Jew, Parker ,heads up the British Secret Police… he’ll target you if you attempt to do something about it.

Meantime back to the Academy Awards.

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