Free speech in Britain it depends…

Anyone who has paid the slightest attention to what happened in Rotherham….that is the rape of English women by immigrants brought into Britain by the likes of Marrano Tony Blair….knows that extraordinary lengths are gone to silence free speech.Ditto the child abuse Enquiry….have you noticed all the different scandals surrounding the investigation before it has even got off the ground.

These “problems” are not happening by chance they are designed to frustrate the investigation.

All of this stuff is entirely down to the power of the internet….The elite no longer control information outlets so they can’t hide anymore.

There is another method of silencing free speech… fines…making it a very risky business to exercise the right to free speech…unless you don’t mind being bankrupted.

Such is the recent case of a MEP of the UKIP….she stated that three Labour MPs were well aware of the abuse taking place in Rotherham,but did nothing….OF COURSE THE CUNTS KNEW ABOUT IT…THAT GOES WITHOUT SAYING!.’There is no way they could NOT have known about it.

So the UKIP MEP is now facing a fine of 333,000 pounds for libel….that’ll learn her.

The Labour MPs reckon they had been subject to abuse from the public for their inaction…Obviously they need MORE of it,or face years of constant harassment…like the British Secret Police (mi5) dish out to many law abiding citizens in the UK….these scumbags will have MOST of the UKIP membership on file…..

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