One Jew is replaced by another jew …yawn.

The NZ Labour party has just dumped the AWFUL jewess Annette King for a new Labour Party deputy…

Jacinda Adhern…..who,surprise surprise is ALSO Jewish…..She becomes Andrew Littles deputy.Andrew “sweaty” Little is ALSO a Jew!.

Looks like the Jews have got a nice little scam running here….trouble is,it is racist in nature….that is preferential treatment for employment based on race.The media won’t be mentioning this stuff of course…ALL political reporter’s are Jews!’

Incidently there are moves afoot to teach Paddy “gargoyle-Gower” how to dance the Russian Polka….employing a Kalashnikov on full automatic….as a learning aid….It is hoped his posture will improve as a result….his Greco-Roman hunched over grappling stance  has brought a shed load of complaints from the public.

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