“The president of the United States”

Well the American government is,after all. modelled on Ancient Rome.

You could easily swap the grand announcements for….”The emperor of Rome”….

No other country in the world goes in for this pathetic shit when the leader of a country walks in…..most would think it was bullshit….except perhaps North Korea….

Give it a few years and the US president will make an entrance accompanied by the sound of blaring trumpets.

Sitting behind Trump on their thrones were Pense and Ryan….like Trump himself BOTH of these two cunts are CRYPTO JEWS….don’t have any doubt about that one.

In the audience were two perennials of the US government (a job for life) McCain and Pelosi…both voicing their opposition to Trump.

BOTH of these wankers are ALSO JEWS…McCain’s father betrayed America by helping to cover up the Jews attack on the USS Liberty.To say these two are scum would be a massive understatement.

They were making noises about a special forces soldier who died recently (in the Middle East).The wife was shedding a bucket load of tears in the process….perfect theatre for Americans…not all of whom (thanks entirely to the internet) will buy it.His wife was Jewish (the cryer )…..and therefore most likely her husband….

The soldier was protecting Americans..and America….in a country at least a thousand miles away from helpless America….

Some people may have noticed Trumpsteins emphasis on Antisemitism in the US….Put it this way…Jews have been caught redhanded carrying out these attacks in the past….anti-Semitic graffiti is a favourite.So there is a VERY high chance the gravestone toppling was THEIR WORK.

Note…When the Jews took over the Russian government in 1917….special laws were enacted to preserve Jewish power….Americans can expect the same sort of thing….they can also expect…in the future…to be dying in large numbers unless they wise up and focus all their attention on the Jewish elite…Obviously the elite will attempt to fire up a race war to divert attention away from the Jewish elite.

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