Conspiracy involving the member of the media in NZ.

According to my information the noxious politically correct oik Patrick Gower has dialed up his Mick mates (left footers)  to give me some “attention”….which is precisely what you would expect from this bulging cheeked worm….just as well this is not in Argentina…..a high profile journalist of my stature would be taking a one way helicopter trip over the ocean….

I will be writing a letter to the appropriate authority to see if the obnoxious little git can be reined in….

The LAST thing NZ needs is a bunch of Catholics calling the shots….after all NZ was once a protestant country where the Catholics natural tendency for tyranny was kept in check.

Ideally NZers will sometime in the future get to have a Prime Minister who is NOT a Jew or Catholic….gimme a rational protestant any day of the week….

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