Controversial scientific findings..

According to the latest discovery life began 300,000,000 years before what was earlier thought as the start of life as we know it….

But there are other controversies bubbling beneath the surface….other scientists maintain that different races on planet earth evolved separately…a parallel evolution you could say.

Controversially they use the example of the head of the ADL in America.He is world renown for the speed at which he is able to grasp objects and quickly return them to his pocket….high speed cameras have had to be used to examine how it is achieved.He is thought to have evolved from fruit eating primates in Madagascar…..which were known to strip whole trees of their fruit,in seconds…..this ability was later employed to make the ADL Chairmans tribe THE most able pickpockets in Europe….further adaptation resulted in the ability to strip banks of their money…

An Oxford university professor then highlighted an unusual specimen in New Zealand of all places.A branch of the human tree evolved the ability to store copious amounts of nuts in his cheeks…for use at a later date….BUT this branch of humanity never quite adapted to the upright stance of the modern human….he retained a Simian quality about him….Not exactly Homo Erectus…more Homo Horinzontalis…commonly called the Goweranthal….thought to be a close relative of the more widely known Neanderthal….

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