Crypto jew popstars…there are loads of ’em.

Rocking Rod Stoowart for example…The Jewish edited Daily Mail has just run another story about him….praising him for being down to earth and not deserting his roots.His roots are actually in Norf London a Jewish ghetto….this is the place to be for wealthy Jews.If they don’t have enough cash…they go live in Essex which is packed full of Jews as well.Jamie Oliver the rubber lipped cook is from ‘ere…(his success can only be attributed to his ethnicity and cockney style patois…certainly not his cooking…often his culinary “masterpieces” look like the proverbial dogs breakfast.He does have an ability with the Chefs knife though,which explains why the camera spends so much time on close ups..showing Oliver chopping skilfully…accompanied by his cockney spiel.)

Rod Stoowart is renown for his “thriftiness”  ….translated,that means he is as mean as the driven snow…a skinflint.The Daily Mail was focussing on the fact that he used the tube to get to his O2 concert,rather than a limo.THE skinflintedness was no doubt a contributing factor here…along with overcrowding on the roads.Never missing an opportunity to promote his “one of the people act” he took a photographer along with him to capture the moment on film.

You can be sure his domestic staff on his mansions (plural) are paid minimum wages…In Britain they will most likely be from Eastern Europe.In California,probably from South America….he does,after all,have to pay for the kero to power his private jet.

ALL his wives have been crypto Jews,including the latest one.Rachel “leatherneck” Hunter is a Kiwi jewess.(The amount of UV in NZ is unbelievable and plays havoc with skin)

There is the famous case of the pop star “Sting” and his domestic staff.Stingy Sting is not a Jew but his ghastly wife is.They treated their staff horribly and were successfully sued by one of them….this is EXTREMELY rare…you can take it as read Mr and Mrs Sting are right fucking cunts…keep in mind they are worth close to $100,000,000 ….Mrs Stings father worked in a lampshade factory…If a revolution gets underway in Britain soon enough Trudle could end up at Palmolive.

The above case is a good example why these rich cunts prefer to employ “third world” domestic staff.They are cheap to hire,they haven’t a clue about employee rights,AND they are subservient.Mass alien immigration has been a real boon for the elite….EVEN British members of parliament have been caught employing illegal immigrants AND ripping them off.

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