The Daily Mail runs anuvver “what if the Nazis had won” story.

They have preposterous things like German soldiers dressed in WW2 uniforms patrolling London’s streets….and streets with new names like Mosely Avenue.Named after WW2 British fascist Ossie Moseley.His nickname was “the sheikh” …because of his Semitic looks…….(remember the Jewish elite make it their practice to run BOTH sides of any conflict).

The Mail runs this shit because they know a revolution is DEFINITELY on the cards DESPITE the best efforts of the British Secret Police and the media’s disinformation and trickery….

Of course a better “what if” story would be what if there had been no global depression because of corruption in the stock market…or what if the Federal Reserve was run by the American government rather than private Jewish owned banks.What if BOTH Roosevelt and Churchill had not been Jews…or what if the Nazi propaganda minister,Goebbels,had actually remotely resembled the Aryans shown on the 1936 Olympics posters…rather than a Jew bent over pumping Ze Vailing Vall in downtown Jerusalem.

What if newspapers like the Mail stopped manipulating readers with stupid scare stories….like WMDs in Iraq.What if the editor of the Daily Mail actually investigated the murder of the WMD inspector who go in the way of the FUCKING WAR CRIMINAL BLAIR.

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