The poms innate sense of humour..

Unfortunately the Poms renown sense of humour which has enabled them to avoid tyranny.. is coming under pressure…you really can’t joke about the invasion that is taking place in Britain…this is all down to cunts like Blair….actually seeing Blair swinging from a rope would decidedly funny.

Some very good examples of Bwitish wit can be found in the comments section of the Daily Mail…sometimes you simply skip the article and go straight to the comments.The daughters of Air Miles Andy and his wife Sarah Ferguson provide a great source of funny comments….It is when the comments get serious…like in the case of the phudgepacker George Michael…your eyes glaze over and you move on.

Comments found on the Guardian website quickly get very tedious…that’s,because most of the cunts making them are ideologues…their whole life is based on this shit….sort of like religious maniacs….most of them should be shot of course ,on the grounds of being fucking boring.

These far leftist loons have had a humour bypass and the same could be said of far rightists.These leftists often show up on stage shows….trouble is…there are now so many forbidden topics that it becomes impossible to make a good joke without offending someone.

Leftist ethnic comedians become very predictable….they are “licenced” to make jokes about their own ethnicity whereas other ethnicities making jokes would have a bunch of weirdos with placards outside the show…in minutes….at this point it all becomes very tedious….worst of all these “licensees”…..(usually )are not the least bit funny….they are a pain in the butt….they rely,to a great extent on the “white guilt” bullshit….(they ain’t stupid )…..these politically correct morons are in constant fear of being found guilty of humanities worst crime…no not murder…but racism…therefore the stupid cunts will bend over backwards to cut these ethnic comedians a break even though a lot of them are tedious TOSSERS.

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