A Fright at the Oscars……

If anything would get you believing in David Ickes lizard theory….Shirley McClaine would do the trick.Repulsive does not quite cover it…..The aging Jewess manages to encapsulate all the characteristics which make humans recoil in horror.The steeply sloping forehead,the greedy evil looking eyes,the lizard looking skin….aaaaaaaaargh…..She really does have lizard like characteristics….frightening.She could well be mistaken for an iguana.

Her brother Warren Beatty….follows close behind with his brain obviously partially fried from one of those lizard style diseases.

Let’s cut to the Chase…all the Jews at the Oscars present a horrifying spectacle….and that’s ALL of the audience.Keep in mind that most of the minorities at this show often have partial Jewish ancestry.

This racist minority now COMPLETELY CONTROLS THE USA…..and the goyim are left to pick up the crumbs…Once these monsters are no longer mobile,they employ the goyim to keep them alive…..cheap third world subservient servants….from south of the border.

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