Jono and Ben…a pair of Jewish twats.

Jono and Ben are a pair of quasi-gay kiwi celebrities (Sharyn a part time accomplice is also a chosen person)

Like in other Western democracies Jews control the media.Actually “crypto Jews” would be more accurate…since they hide their ethnicity…these two idiots would prefer if the NZ public did not know they were Jews.

Now these two Jews are SUPPOSED to be funny….they do a lot of giggling and kidding around but one thing is for sure…they are not REMOTELY funny.They are a pair of Jewish dickheads….and are more than a little greasy….naturally they are 101% politically correct.

Both of them are prime candidates for soap manufacturing…..”Jono&Bens boutique bath range”….they could make a few bucks selling soap to their fans on TV and Radio….they are already marketing phudgepacking to young Kiwis….or transgendering….Off camera they will be knocking back cocaine of course…they are earning enough to afford this upmarket drug.


So the media is FULL OF Jewish wankers like these two….trouble is the public has no idea they are Jews….or that top level Jewish drug dealers are supplying cocaine to the glitterati in Auckland…

NOTE:The top policeman in NZ…BUSH is also a tribesmen.NOTE:The BUSH family in the USA are ALL CRYPTO JEWS…there is no doubt about that…so it is appropriate that an American aircraft carrier the USS H.W.BUSH is patrolling the seas around countries selected for the next round of bombing by The Zionist Occupied Government of the United States.

So Jono and Ben will be depicting themselves as the height of tolerance…promoting third world immigration,phudgepackering,multiculturalism,tolerance…..However,surprising as it may SEEM…Jews are THE most racist people in the world.Just check Israel’s immigration policy for confirmation of that….or ask someone with first hand experience of this…a Palestinian family who has had their house blown up by racist Jews.

Jono and Ben are actually Jewish racists…but you have to be something of an expert to recognise that fact.

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