Just how supreme are “white supremacists”

The media likes to run stuff about “white supremacists” every so often.NZ has just experienced a bout of white supremacist hype.This time the culprits were students at Auckland University…they had wanted to set up a club for Europeans…since they are a minority group at the Uni.Since Europeans are now a minority at the Uni they could hardly be described as being supreme…but the NZ media went for broke on the story….strangely NONE of the media figures were “white” either…some of ’em May have looked European in appearance but they were Jewish…..weird.

At the last British and French elections the leaders of BOTH parties were not “white” either…..Hollande and Sarkozy are BOTH Jewish and Milliband and Cameron are BOTH Jews…..so “white supremacy” is not looking too good there either.

Currently Australia’s PM,Turnbull is not white either…he is Jewish and so are most of the billionaires in Australia too…things are not looking too good for white supremacy there either.

America has just elected a new president whose whole family is Jewish along with all his business associates..sorry that’s another black Mark against “white supremacy” .These Whites don’t run the Federal Reserve either,wonderful non racist Jews do,ditto the American media.

People could be forgiven for thinking there seems to be a bit of a smear campaign going on against non supreme White Supremacy….


You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out WHO is running the smear campaign….DUH!…..none other than the REAL racists and supremacists…JEWS. (ask a Palestinian for confirmation on that one)

It’s all to do with strategy….Ask the French comedian Duidonnie (probably incorrect spelling)…..”unfortunately “this famous French comedian does not buy into the Jewish racism industry which involves smearing “whites”…which perhaps explains why he is now under HUGE pressure from the French government….facing fines and harassment….If he had sold his soul to the devil the black comedian would today be feted by the media and earning large amounts of money……

Controlling the media has its “benefits”.

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