Here’s a supremecyst the fuckwits on the Project SHOULD be interviewing but won’t.

He is the Australian billionaire Jew Frank Lowy…..actually he is NOT Australian…he is an Israeli Jew.

Him and his Jew mate Silversteen bought the lease of the World Trade Centre….then over insured it.

Initially this made no sense at all because the WTC had MASSIVE problems with asbestos contamination which would have cost hundreds of millions of dollars to rectify….no businessman in his right mind would have taken on such a liability…..unless of course….

Not long after these two Jews bought the lease the WTC came crashing to the ground in an attack organised by a Muslim living in a cave in Afghanistan.

How very convenient….Lowy and Silversteen made BILLION dollar claims from their insurance companies…

Of course these two Jewish supremacists had foreknowledge of the attack….so they were not so stupid after all.That is buying a lease to a building with massive liabilities.

You should be able to find Australian websites owned by the international criminal FRANK LOWY….a filthy low lying cunt… Israeli CUNT….using Australian arms and manpower to fight Jewish wars in the Middle East.

See Monash University….connected to the Australian WW1 General Monash…who was in charge of Australian troops based in Palestine…and not by fucking chance either.

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