Ken O’Keefe..on first encounter he seems genuine…

O’Keefe the ex American has loads of videos on You Tube….there is no doubt he is a good speaker…BUT…is he real?.

Another question to ask is the usual one…is he a crypto Jew.His name suggests not…but apparently this is not his original name.THAT FACT is the first warning sign that all is not what it seems with this tattooed windbag.

Next…apparently he lives in did he get permission to do so….so he has got dual citizenship??.He also lives in Hawaii and runs a dive business which could be a CIA front.

He routinely appears on mainstream TV despite the hideous tattoos…

His mate David Icke….a crypto Jew…have absolutely no doubt about that…pulled a donation scam recently where his loyal fans donated tens of thousands of pounds…which all mysteriously went up in smoke….or more accurately into Ickes pockets.He has never been held to account for that.

Maybe Icke gave O’Keefe some pointers on this one…because O’Keefe has asked for similar donations…O’Keefe supporters should expect the same result.O’Keefe has received over one hundred thousand dollars but this sum could be a big understatement…his supporters have only O’Keefes word on that one.

Surprising as it may SEEM O’Keefe promotes the “world without borders” theme which is one of the central planks of the NWO scam promoted by the globalist.

O’Keefe does NOT mention the flooding of Western Countries with third world immigrants (neither does his mate Icke)….which AGAIN is central to Global Jews Incorporated master plan.(mention is made of immigrants/invaders but only in a roundabout way)

O’Keefe has shown up in Iran…As the crypto Jew Brendon McConnell has stated there are extremely wealthy suburbs of Tehran which are full of rich and powerful Jews…money=wealth=influence…rather like Norf London…jam packed with rich Jews…this electorate was once represented by none other than Margaret Thatchler….

So O’Keefe is a fake,just like David Icke…once employed by the mainstream media.NOTE…former sports people who appear on TV are 9x out of ten,crypto Jews…like Gary Linekar in Britain.

The only way to tackle the problem of fakes is small autonomous “cells” whose sole objective is to focus attention on the top Jews…

Incidently mobile phones are a liability…a total liability….unless they are those throwaway ones used rarely.Most likely measures are being implemented to stop this.Perhaps CCTV recording the purchase…etc etc.

I had one stolen while I was sleeping in a Youth Hostel in Stockholm.I had a laugh about that’..’…The wankers went to all that trouble for no result.This was one bought in NZ…I had had trouble from the Swedish officials at the airport…although at the time I was mystified by it all….HOW FUCKING PATHETIC….this was probably down to the NZ police…The very ones who had my phone bugged…illegally of course..

By using a mobile phone you are saving the secret police from having to go to the trouble of tracking you by other means….illegally.

So O’Keefe is a fake…The fact that he has appeared on programmes like the BBC’s Hard Torque proves he is a fake.There are LOADS of fakes on TV like the multimillionaire Jewish socialist Wussel Bwand….or the bagel bellied jewish fuckwit,Alex Jones.

Once the overthrow of Jews takes place one of patriots first moves should be to deport Icke to Indonesia and transport him to Komodo Island…. and tied to a tree…it wouldn’t be long before the giant LIZARDS on Komodo start lumbering up and snacking on Ickes massive BEER GUT…. a fitting end to the sideshow flimflam man ,con artist.

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