Why Britain badly needs a revolution.

But won’t…..

The Jews have got Britain by the froat..and to keep it that way it has the most efficient police state apparatus in the world….run by the Jews of course.

It has been this way since the time of William Shakespeare…Shakespeare himself was said to have been recorded on secret government reports.

Parker at the head of the British Secret Police (MI5)..is of course a crypto Jew as have been his predecessors….

All of this would have been all too familiar to the Spanish in 15th Century Spain,which explains why they have many words describing crypto Jews.From Marrano to Nueva Christians.

So the Jews have got Britain sewn up…from top to bottom…Which explains why Britain is being OVER RUN and INVADED by hordes of alien peoples from all over the world against the wishes of most people in Britain.This invasion is being sold to the British public by constantly lying…The thing is,precious few people know that the Jews own the media.The editor’s of the Guardian and Daily Mail are BOTH CRYPTO Jews..

Think of the benefits of overthrowing the minority rule of Britain…by Jews.For one thing the British public would no longer have to be subjected to articles about The Beckham family….YES!…The Beckheims are a family of crypto Jews..perhaps the British need to coin a few words to describe this brand of Jew…how about Chavranno…or Zio-Oiks.They are an offence against commonsense….For the most part…when the Jewish edited Daily Mail runs articles about high society…ALL the people pictured are infact JEWS!.From Kate Moss…a jewess and good mate of the pension thief GREEN currently residing in a mega million yacht in the Med paid for by the NON Jewish employees of the deliberately bankrupted BHS chain…a replay of Robert Maxwell’s theft of his employees pension funds (his real name was Ludwig Hoch…he was a Czech jew)

So crypto Jews like Moss or Jagger of Rolling Stone fame…live incognito in Britain…which is why they are known as CRYPTO Jews…..secret in other words.

Some deny they are Jews…like Jeremy Paxman…but he is easily identified by his appearance.

Let’s hope some enterprising Briton takes steps to remove Theresa May….ANOTHER crypto Jew…one of her first moves was to dine out with the Chief Rabbi…and the answer to why she did this is obvious.Welby….who heads up the Anglican church is ALSO A CRYPTO JEW.

Anyone who remotely criticises Jews WILL come to the attention of MI5…which is why Britain needs a revolution to restore its long held freedoms….

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