Hugh Grant and Liz Hurley make the pages of the Daily Mail….again

Grant is making a new film where he will play the same role he has played over and over again….dapper posh twat.One dimensional actor…

The gold digger Liz Hurley is selling her new line of kaftans in posh shops like Harrods.They are made using sweated Labour in India…then sold in Britain for over five hundred pounds.

Both of these two cunts are crypto Jews…like all their mates in show business.Grant has made a couple of films promoting the holocau$t…both of which were truly appalling.

Annie Lennox the famous eighties wailer who is extremely rich and supports the invasion of Britain by alien hordes,is back on the streets again,this time against brexit.BOTH Eurythmics members are JEWS.Lennox was at one time married to an Israeli.Naturally Lennox won’t be demonstrating on the streets of Tel Aviv in support of hordes of third world invaders right to live in the pariah state.

Whenever you check on the high profile organisers of pro immigration demonstrations…they are ALWAYS Jews….which stands to reason,since Jews are at the centre of the destruction of European identity.(See the infamous You Tube video featuring the Israeli American jewess Barbara Spectre)

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