NZ MP…to enter the Melbourne Cup

The new deputy leader of the NZ Labour Party is planning to enter next years Melbourne Cup….shes certainly got the teeth for it.

The leader of the NZ Labour Party days are numbered….Lucinda “horse gnashers” Ardern is being positioned to take his job once he cocks up the next election….which he will.(both of them are Jewish…The Jews have now completely taken over NZs government.Once they take over…they then act to exclude Europeans from becoming MPs and in their place they put ethnic minorities….who will pose no danger to Jewish Power.It is a very effective strategy…..)

Keep in mind the REAL decision makers are not MPs….they are increasingly there to make up the numbers to create the illusion of representative democracy…which explains why their immigration policies,no matter which party wins…remains exactly the same.

In the see circumstances you can have MPs who are as thick as pig shit like Philllip Goff but still be elected into positions of power….as long as they are politically “reliable”….and say the right thing at the right “multiculturalism is an enriching and beneficial experience”……which is actually CORRECT….IF you are referring to the one percent….for everyone else it poses major problems particularly in the long term.The media won’t be telling you that….IT IS OWNED BY THE ONE PERCENT…..and is staffed by politically correct toadies…like the cretins on morning tv.

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