Detective Sergeant Derek Shaw,Alexandra Police station NZ.

This member of the NZ Police has a bad reputation with the locals….with good reason….he breaks the law when it suits him.For example he was caught illegal putting a tracking device on a member of the public’s car.

I was actually assaulted by the scumbag when I attempt to make a complaint about Jewish harassment….he didn’t appear to like this…I was grabbed by the cunt and bodily thrown out of the Police station.

I had good reason to make the complaint as I has already been assaulted by Jews on previous occasions…in Palmerston North…

I was assaulted by a Jew by the name of Grant Leader (and two other Jews whose identity I never managed to obtain).This jew is connected to the electrical department store in Palmerston North..LEADER AND WATT….you can Google their head office in Palmerston North.

I subsequently attempted to make a complaint about this Jew attack…but the police WOULD NOT TAKE THE COMPLAINT.

Another Jew assault was carried out by a Jew by the name of Mike or Michael…I never got his surname.He once ran a “health food” style cafe in the old Palmerston North town hall building.  There were other minor assaults carried out by these scum over a period of a few years.

The NZ Police have subsequently discovered what it is like to be assaulted by Jews (that’ll teach the cunts)..when the Son of a NZ Jewish oligarch (Delgat) knocked out a policewoman.They also discovered how these Jew cunts use their power and influence to get away with their attacks….rich Jewish lawyers.If this attack had been carried out by any other NZers…they would have got a jail sentence….The rich Jew got a 5000 dollar fine…..small change to a Jew worth several hundred million dollars.

After the Police refusal to take my complaint against this Jew in Palmerston North I decided to contact a senior member of parliament about it…Phillip Goff….little did I know that GOFF is a fucking JEW….no wonder I never got a reply to my complaint….This is a good example of how the Jews hidden network… have now installed a crypto Jew BUSH as the top police commissioner.

Another Jew MP Pauline Gardiner tried to set me up as someone suffering from “mental issues”‘.’…only years later did I discover that she is a JEWESS!!’….her actions then made perfect sense!’…Gardiner can only be described as pure FILTH…an elected MP abusing her position of trust….for a private agenda.

Is it any wonder Jews have been hated for centuries….Trouble is they control the media and have cast themselves as innocent victims.The documentary by Sebag-Montifiore about Vienna is a good case in point.He promotes the idea in his documentary that Jews have been subject to persecution for no reason…they’re innocent victims (tell that to the Palestinians).’..You suspect Fleabag Montifiore knows this very well…AND he knows about all the hidden Jewish networks which are currently flooding Europe with third world invaders….so Fleabag is deliberately manipulating goyim public opinion….hardly surprising…he is,after all related to some of the world’s leading mass murdering criminals…THE ROTHSCHILDS.

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