Frequent fires in NZ …..big ones

The media reports these big fires….but they don’t report they were actually deliberately lit!….why not.

Apparently they have been informed or instructed by the police not to…

Currently the NZ police are trying to entrap the perps with set ups to entice them to have another go….

You get this sort of stuff in any democracy when elected representatives stop representing the voters….which MPS are currently doing in all Western democracies….one MP has already been assassinated in Britain for precisely this reason…..

So you have the media deliberately colluding with the Police to not inform the public….which is precisely the sort of thing you find in totalitarian regimes.Make no mistake the NZ media KNOWS that these fires are being deliberately lit.

You could speculate there will be more of them in the future.So ignoring the public’s wishes on immigration is going to prove very costly….not only with overcrowded infrastructure.

Ya see why Trump has been installed as president……The Jews are taking steps to dampen down civil unrest in America…and Americans are armed to the teeth (hence the militarization of local police forces to forestall the possibility of insurrection)…….

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