Aussies need to get clued up on the monster-Jew© James Packer.

He appears to have thrown in his lot with the Camel-Jews® in Israel…wheeling and dealing with other super rich Jews.

You could say this FREAK has a lot in common with Sheldon Adelson the sub-human billionaire jew who owns Las Vegas.Packer also owns casinos…but in Australia.

Casinos are the perfect vehicle for corrupt Jews….illicit money can be readily laundered.No wonder the gambling “industry” in the US was founded by the Jewish mafia!….Payoffs can be made to people by disguising money as won by gamblers…by rigging the game in their favour.Taxes can be avoided…etc etc.The biggest organised crime boss…ever,was the Jew Abraham Saffron… Australia….The Jewish owned media depicts him as an a bit of a character…rather than an individual who made money off prostitutes selling their bodies on the street.

So what prompted Packer to “go international”??….it may be to do with the need to be seen as a big player…like his father….hence the dalliance with the Octoroon crypto Mariah Kerry….same sort of motivation.

Keep in mind he had a street brawl with another Jew….but he was a religious version…unlike the monster©.This may also have been  a factor.

Aussies need to keep an eye on this Jewish freak,because given half a chance he would betray Australian interests in order to gain approval from his masters in the Criminal State…

The top Jews in Israel like wannabe Jews like Packer….they use them by repeatedly getting them to prove themselves as real Jews….by helping the “cause”…..

*** “Camel Jews is a widely used expression…The origin of this name is very simple….their appearance is somewhat similar to the Dromedary Camel…..they also spit quite a bit too…like religious Jews in Jerusalem spit on Christians and churches.




camel species

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