BBC “where the wild men are”

This is a BBC documentary fronted by the Jewish poseur Ben Fogle.

MOST of the people he interviews are Jews…..

Therefore there is a distinct possibility that his interviews with two Moroccans follows this pattern.

These two have returned to Morocco after living in the USA…they have gone back to basics.However you suspect they won’t be living the “good life” for too much longer….IF these two are actually crypto Jews…

Morocco,like Western Countries,has a large number of crypto Jews….thus no colour revolutions in this Nth African country….infact Morocco is a destination of choice for wealthy Western homosexual pedophiles…you can check that out using Google,providing you have an understanding of Jews disguising their identity etc.

It has been suggested that the Barbary Pirates were actually crypto Jews.Many Jews shifted to Morocco after being thrown out of Spain….others went to live in Holland….which accounts for the Black Tulip ponzi scheme etc.(see the modern equivalent in New York…The criminal Jew Madoff).

You’ll notice maybe…that high level Allied forces…meetings were held in Morocco during WW2.They also met in Tehran…..which perhaps accounts for the hugely wealthy,mainly Jewish populated suburbs in Tehran….(like Nth London in England). Russians ought to run a check on very wealthy suburbs of Moscow and St Petersburg…they might find the same pattern repeated here.Georgia is said to have a lot of Jews living in that country.The crypto Jew Stalin (Jewish wife) was from here.(you often come across disinformation that Stalin was not a Jew….citing his persecution of Jews…forcing them to go live in Israel….which was infact precisely what Israel wanted in order to build up the population of the racist state….this is a bit like the Mel Gibson anti-Semitism fiasco…..all bullshit of course Gibson is a Maranno…that is a Jew masquerading as a Catholic.His “anti-Semitic” ranting made world headlines…just perfect to distract attention away from another ongoing massacre of Palestinians in Gaza.)

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