Chirpy dykes show up locally.

You gotta hand it to the sexual deviants the Topp Twins they are like a ray of sunshine on a grey day… or as Winston Peters said,like a stream of bats Piss…a shaft of gold while all around is dark.

According to a leading geneticist…”The Topp Twins are a clear manifestation of gene distribution gone wrong,no wonder they are one of Evereadys best customers…their battery consumption is legendary.Which is understandable,these new chipped vibrators are known for current draw particularly on the high ecstasy setting”.

The Topp Twins are on the lucrative agricultural fair circuit.Along with general yodelling they also demonstrate a range of lesbian accoutrements like the top selling Robusto© strap on.(renown for its durability…”perfect for the horsewoman with extra testosterone”).

Accompanying the Topp Twins are some renown sheep geneticists who give a lecture on why there are a disproportionate number of Lezo’s in NZ……”it’s all to do with the Pioneer stock that arrived in NZ early on in the piece…it was genetically advantageous for pioneer women to have a good compliment of male genes…The ability to throw a sheep over the shoulder while having kids and roping a cattle beast gave a better chance of survival….there was simply no room for  slightly built bonkable cuties”‘…..NZs most famous lesbian Helen Clark who was off a farm is ample demonstration of all this.Once the pressure came off to conform to societal norms circa late 1960’s….lesbians were able to follow their natural or un-natural inclinations….If you go to any country general store and hang around a bit…cryptic lesbo’s will show up…in due course.They are often clad in very rugged clothing with excessively robust shoes and oversized watches…there is obviously a genetic imperative toward buying pocket watch sized wrist watches….

There are some weird aspects of NZ society….just beneath the surface…yodelling lezo’s is just one of ’em.

The rural community is not quite ready for the introduction of perfumed fudgepacking sheep shearers with giant holes drilled in their earlobes.(see certain tribes found in Southern Ethiopia)





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