Obviously the CIA NEEDS to be broken up into a thousand pieces.

I thought Paul Craig Roberts was exaggerating when he suggested the CIA NEEDS to be wiped out.It now appears he was understating the matter.

The cunts are hacking televisions which is only a fraction away from Big Brothers monitors in 1984…. with one difference ,the proles are unaware they are under surveillance.

This same invasion of privacy is happening in other echelon countries…INCLUDING NZ..but the media here is a total farce.

I am 100% sure my flat is “bugged”…this fucking phone sure as hell is….just recently they have contented themselves with putting up you tube suggested viewing….and other selections…..with an angle…I could wipe the phone but it is too much of a hassle to do this….

You will never get the NZ SIS caught infringing privacy in NZ….except in what you could call politically correct cases…..that is, left leaning activists promoting all the usual stuff ….being supported by the media.

It would be great to see American militias invading and over running the CIA HQ….and hauling out the worms subverting the American constitution.

One thing is for sure….with 1400 foreigners arriving to live in NZ EVERY WEEK….NZers are going to have to up their game to put a stop to it….NZers are literally being supplanted by invaders…and it is the Jewish elite and their “golfers” in parliament who are doing it….English is a nobody in the scheme of things….The tubs of lard in parliament are a sorry joke.

The CIA is now running its own “businesses”…running them independently…and financing its own operations.How is it Americans don’t realise these actions pose a HUGE threat to the American government…which has been elected by the people of America to govern in their name.THE CIA IS ACTUALLY SUBVERTING THE US CONSTITUTION….that…is a very serious state of affairs.

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