Police filth in NZ ….many of whom are FREEMASONS

There a LOT of Jews in NZ….a lot.Many of whom are Freemasons.Freemasonry is an organisation set up by Jews…but not all Freemasons are Jews…but at the higher levels all of them are Jewish.Their influence is all pervasive….They infest the legal system.They are anti Christian but only at the higher levels.

For example a Mark Bellbooth who was once the mayor of Palmerston North is one of the gang,but purports to be a Christian.He certainly would not have been the mayor of a major city in NZ WITHOUT being a Freemason.

So anyone who voices criticism of Jews is going to be targeted….they will target you by preventing employment opportunities….(this is what happens in Britain…I was informed about this by an employee of a citizen’s advice bureau in London).They will also target THE CHILDREN of political activists……like the sort of thing found in totalitarian countries…..it is all done in a “nice way”….no torture….but denial of opportunities….etc.)

Circa 1968…. there was a gunman purportedly on the loose in Wellington.My brother was on his way to university with a guitar case.While walking along a road he was suddenly surrounded by police armed with .303 rifles….and told to put his arms in the air….then roughed up by the police.Some public spirited citizen had reported him as the gunman (or so they said).It even made the newspaper…there was a photo in the newspaper ,arms in the air and terrified.

If this is not bad enough our family was subjected to further humiliation.My recently widowed mother had made a complaint about this incident…..IT GETS WORSE…

The day after the complaint….There was a loud hammering on the back door…and I mean LOUD….at 3AM in the morning….Everyone was awake at this point and I opened the door…and asked what the fuck was going on….The cop says “we want to speak to your mother”….she too was apprehensive about what was happening….”we want to clear up a few details regarding the complaint” said the cop.


Even at this point these fucking fiends were targeting the family for attention….there is NO doubt about that.You can imagine the sort of effect this had…with no adult males around to defend the family from this.(my father had died just recently)….

There will be a few people reading this who may doubt the connection…to doubt it you have to be ignorant of HOW the hidden elite operates….they are vicious nasty amoral people….or fucking cunts ,in the vernacular.

I only discovered all this largely by chance….it was a HUGE learning curve…The secret Jewish networks within the Police and judiciary…for example…which occasionally surfaces so that the General public may notice their existence….like the case of Delgat for example.

I once got in an elevator in Wellington (James Cook hotel)and the sole other occupant of the lift was none other than the fucking Jewish criminal Robert (Bob) Jones…. I got the distinct impression he knew who I was….but dismissed that idea as “impossible”….more than likely he DID know who I was….given the way the Jew network….works.On another occasion I was on Lambton Quay and got the impression that an individual by the name of Farkas was tailing me…I knew his name because his family lived in the same area….impossible I thought,why would he be tracking me?!’….Turns out Farkas was a Hungarian JEW…with a close connection to the Wellington synagogue!!….

I was on Cuba Street quite a few years later….and a girl who had been on a bus trip in Europe shows up…only this time,far better informed….I knew the routine….a raggedy arsed Jewess not there by chance either…..not by a long shot.

So the “7000 Jews living in NZ” stuff is TOTAL BULLSHIT…..70,000 would be very conservative estimate….



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