The Jews miscegenation publicity/promotion seems to be working.

Let’s not beat about the Bush…The Jews totally control the music industry…along with other branches of entertainment.

This control enables them to influence a HUGE number of people….with a whole lot of stuff….like for example…The only racist people on planet earth are Europeans….

Obviously….and it is becoming more obvious every year….there is a none too subtle “anti-white” bias in the media.What fools people is that viewers of TV….think the people making these anti white proclamations on the media are indulging in self criticism because they appear to be “whites”….nothing could be further from the truth of course…MOST of them are crypto Jews,those that are not,have bought the Jews anti European message…

Never mind the fact that JEWS are the most racist people in the world…their HQ in Israel is totally based on racial exclusivity.

So it is a case of miscegenation for the goyim and exclusivity for Jews.

Infact Jews are waging a covert war on European identity….

First take a look at the Barbara Spectre video on You Tube….this jewess is advocating multiculturalism for Europe…once this is installed then comes the follow up….propaganda on music videos for example to promote miscegenation.NOTE…Israel has none of this stuff….it is Jews only in this racist state.

Now take a look at a you tube video of the Swedish singer Zara Larsson (who is possibly half Jewish).In one of her videos (which contains pedophilia elements) she is depicted with a giant black monster (who the fuck thought this one up?)…then the video switches to a black singer….None of this stuff happens by chance….it is well thought out and contains an unsubtle message for teenage Swedes.

There is a constant barrage with this stuff…The Jewess Katy Perry features the same sort of thing.The hopeless NZ pop star Lorde did not choose this name by chance….Christianity in particular comes to the attention of the Jews…which explains why Madonna the disgusting CRYPTO jewess once pretended to masturbate on stage with a crucifix….not by chance …but by design.

It by no means ends there….on house buying programs the Jews favour showing mixed couples buying houses….USUALLY but not always the female is European.Ditto gays show up too.

All of this bearing no relationship to the actual numbers of such couples in broader society.Which means it is not happening by chance,but rather by design….propaganda in other words.  For seventy years Jews totally fucked up Russia….right from 1917 onwards…don’t believe the bullshit Stalin was not a Jew.Like all such Jews he changed his name (see Robert Maxwell/Ludvig Hoch).

The Jews totalitarian rule came to end…and the result has been a rejuvenation of the whole country…Christianity has made a come back and Russians in general are a WHOLE lot happier….The weight of the Jews has been lifted off the shoulders of the Russian people (now it is America’s turn)’Super rich Jewish oligarchs still have a vice like grip on the wealth of the country though….

Americans NEED to prize the Jews fingers free of America….once they do that America will quickly rebound…

So the Jews miscegenation propaganda can be found right across the board…in a whole manner of different genres on TV….they also (the Jewish media) promote wars against Israel’s enemies…but that is a whole other ballgame.

It goes without saying the Swedes MUST have a revolution if they wish to save their country…The elite deposed and the invaders sent back to their countries of origin.Voting is a waste of time because….once again….The Swedish media is controlled by Jews.

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