Lasher Darkloon…a regular on “”.

Surprising as it may SEEM…most regulars on this site are Jews???.

But the website purports to be uncovering Jewish power etc…Henry McKow is supposed to be a Christian but spends all his time concerned with Jewish stuff.The giveaway that McBull is a Jewish imposter is his brief that the 6 million Jews stuff is real.Then you have “Les visible”…beside being a Jew he is also stark raving mad…bonkers…certifiable.

Then there is Lasha Darkloon whose real identity is never revealed…not surprising that since she would be quickly identified as a tribe member.

These are the disinformation artists that populate the net.Darkloon reckons Jeff Besos or whatever his name is…The CEO of Amazon is not a Jew….meantime all his senior executives ARE Jewish.This is like the cretins promoting Trump whose family and company executives are ALL Jews….Trump is supposed to be the only one who is not a Jew….which is absolutely ridiculous….his hideous gold encrusted bathroom gives the game away….if nothing else.

Revolutionaries should have their soap production facilities up to temperature in preparation for the “Darkloon range of boutique soaps”.’

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