Lord Paddick slams rise of “far right”

Good old Lord Paddick….he was once a top cop in the Bwitish establishment…but he has since been elevated to the ‘ouse of Lords.

Unbeknownst to the General public Lord Paddock is actually a crypto Jew..who reckons he is a Christian…so that makes him a Nueva Christian….this was the name given to CRYPTO Jews in fifteenth century Spain who pulled a fast one on Catholic Spanish…by purporting to be a Christian….a Marrano in other words….Like John Kerry or Madonna today.

So his rapid rise to a job in the House of Lords makes perfect sense….there are hidden strings being pulled.What’s the bet he is a Freemason….The London police force is absolutely infested by Freemasonry….

He has received a lot of publicity for his gayism…Yup this pillar of the community is a full time fudgepacker who is married to a Norwegian football player….appropriately they met in a gayish niteklub on one of those Spanish islands known for general debauchery.Just to complete the picture Lord Paddick and his Scandinavian hubby are known for their drug taking.As is usual…in a zio-fudgepacker hook up…they are not both crypto Jews..The Norwegian is not a Jew.

Let’s face it this sort of carry on would have been just the sort of thing you might have found in the latter stages of the Roman Empire……a decadent ruling class partying it up while the country was being invaded….and make no mistake Britain IS being invaded…HUNDREDS arriving on Britain’s shores every day….THE VAST MAJORITY OF BRITAIN WANT IT STOPPED….they keep coming because the British elite want it that way.

So it is only natural that Lord Pillock is concerned about British nationalism..it is a threat to his position.

As I predicted a few years back…The elite in Britain would step up its harassment and persecution of nationalists using laws introduced to stop Islamic terrorism….

It is absolutely NOT a coincidence that the thug in chief of MI5 is a crypto JEW.Most heads of the secret police in Western Countries are JEWS….they need to protect crypto Jews like…Blair,Cameron and May….ALL OF WHOM are responsible for the invasion of Britain….it gets worse….It is NOT a coincidence that the wife of the heir to the throne has easily recognisable Jewish origins….we are talking Kate Middlestein here.The fruit loop Prince Charles is married to another recognisable crypto Jew…Camilla Parker Bowels..SHAND is a crypto Jewish surname….

So British nationalists (not the Israeli run fakes the BDL) are going to come under siege…”The last thing Britain needs is a government which puts the interests of British people first”‘

Expect more pro invasion MPs to be assassinated despite the best efforts of the Jewish secret police.Jewish journalists will also come under siege for their persistent lying and manipulation.

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