Media tossers…a growing problem for democracies.

There are plenty of examples of the media getting too big for its boots.

Let’s face it Trump is a fucking jerk…as was Madame Clinton….a right pair of cunts…

The media decided that they wanted Clinton as the next president….so the American media went all out to promote Clinton…..impartiality went out the window…they even predicted Clinton would win by a massive margin…”all the polls backed that up”….

Trump won….somehow.So how could the media get it so wrong?.No worries on that one…The media was lying…easy.

You have the failing Guardian lecturing its readers about X Y or Z….almost issuing instructions to its unenlightened readers.

But it’s not their job to lecture readers…their job is to report the news in an unbiased manner…leaving the readers to make up their minds from the facts presented.

Then there is all the anti Russian propaganda in the media today…from “jets have been scrambled (“scrambled” is a top favourite with the Daily Mail) to intercept Russian long range bombers” to “Russians helping Assange” bullshit.

Most people with half a brain realise there is an agenda to all this stuff…perhaps to lay the groundwork for a third world war.

As an example of the media getting above themselves in NZ….

“Please return to this studio Prime Minister I enjoy having you on the show”.

This comment was made by one of the new Breakfast news wankers whose name escapes me…The one who constantly adjusts his suit jacket…

So he enjoys have Gumboots English on the show does he…who gives a fuck what he enjoys…more to the point,who the hell does he think he is.His job is to interview politicians…his personal enjoyment is TOTALLY irrelevant…

It’s all bullshit of course,lightweight infotainment…nothing substantial is ever discussed….but you will get minute examination of weather patterns and sports controversies…..or injuries or sports stars driving cars in Paris while under the influence….SHOCKING!!’…really…WHO GIVES A FUCK.


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