A typical deception..

These media deceptions take place in all western democracies….The objective is to dupe the citizens into believing third world immigration is being controlled.

The obvious example is Blair and Cameron in Britain.On one hand they tell the public that there is going to be a clampdown…BUT STRANGELY THIS NEVER HAPPENS.On the contrary,if anything,the numbers of immigrants INCREASES!!.

OR the Jewish run media comes up with a lie like this…which has just happened in NZ.

“Concerns have been expressed that the new English competency regulations have had a bad effect on the economy by restricting immigration”

This implies that third world immigration is being restricted…which is what the VAST MAJORITY OF NZERS WANT.

Immigration is NOT being restricted and the economy is not being damaged.

The ONLY people who want NZ flooded with people from all over the world IS THE JEWISH elite….who now control the country.Keep in mind MOST JEWS in NZ keep their ethnicity secret….It is this fact which fools most people…

You can see what an absolute disaster this is for the countries of Western Europe….You have Turkish immigrants in Holland rioting as a result of the words of the mad Turkish president…Try fucking rioting in Istanbul and see what happens….yet the Turkish president has the audacity to call the Dutch government…..”Nazis”.

There is a solution to all this of course…but FIRST the Dutch have to overthrow the ruling class TRAITORS.This applies to all govts…The Swedish very badly need a revolution…otherwise their nation will cease to exist in a hundred years.

Obviously THE MEDIA needs to come under huge pressure….huge….The bunch of lying fucks.

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