Ellen Degenerate and the Kalashnikov solution

Some people may object to this proposition…but extreme idiocy often requires extreme measures….

Ellen Degenerate is the famous lesbian jewess who serves a very important function in cataloguing the decline of  the American empire….sort of like Nero or Caligula in the Roman Empire…..

To halt the decline….serious corrective measures need to be implemented….here’s where the Kalashnikov AK47 fits in….Just one burst of lead from just one AK47 would ensure Degenerate ceased the dumbing down of Americans….like some crucial turning point in history….

OK some of Degenerates audience may object to seeing Ellen dancing a jig as the Kalashnikov works its magic…but the greater good has to be considered….The stamping out of idiotic Jewish talk show hosts….(Jimmy Felon would,by this time,have been dealt with,via the old favourite,Zyklon B+…)

Naturally Degenerates audience would be required to attend a De-moronification camp….where they can relearn how to behave as an adult…rather than a a yelling clapping giggling brain dead cretin.

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