NZ TV “news” reports traffic congestion in NZ cities.


This an excellent example of how the media in Western Countries deliberately omits crucial details…in order to advance the politically correct agenda.

Need another example….?

The Jewish controlled media DELIBERATELY under plays immigrant crime…So a shipment of meth amphetamine arrives from Hong Kong…there will be no mention of organised Chinese crime gangs being responsible….by IMMIGRANTS BROUGHT INTO NZ BY AN UNACCOUNTABLE ELITE IN PARLIAMENT.

ON the other hand the media WILL keep telling NZers just how marvellous that Auckland has lost its identity and is now FULL of immigrants…just like London.

Obviously revolution is brewing in many western countries…which means police hit squads (in Britain) are targeting Britons who object to their country being invaded.Britain is THE most sophisticated police state in the world.

In BOTH NZ and Britain it is the Jewish elite which is running the show…many of whom are crypto Jews.

See the Barbara Spectre you tube video…an Israeli American jew…who admits Jews are at the forefront of the invasion of Europe….why doesn’t this jewess butt out and go live in Israel with its Jews only immigration laws…….

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