Trump reckons he is going to rebuild the US car industry…

..That’s all well and good….but first he is going to have to get his fellow tribesmen on Wall Street sorted out.

The problem with American built cars is there is not enough long term investment in research and development…REASON….that costs money….and in a society controlled by Jews…The emphasis is ALWAYS maximising profits in the short term.

So it is pointless to force car manufacturers to build vehicles in the USA unless they make a proper job of it…Honda’s and Toyota’s have a very good resale value in the US and the owners hang onto them for quite a few years.With one or two exceptions all cars produced by Germany and Japan are reliable and fuel efficient….some perhaps are overly sophisticated however.

Perhaps the main US car makers could concentrate their efforts on just a few models (like family saloons) and make them absolutely bullet proof.(which could be useful during a revolution when Americans overthrow the Jews who have wrecked America…a different type of bulletproof however)

Japan seems to be able to make hugely reliable cars….America could too…but not while GIGANTIC sums of money are being siphoned off to the military industrial complex….this distorts the economy…fucks it basically.

The giant pickup trucks that Americans favour are just plain ridiculous…grossly fuel inefficient…..(large Japanese made trucks are not up to the standard of European trucks….not nearly as durable…Australian truck companies driving interstate seem to favour giant American built rigs….so in this area American built vehicles seem to be able to compete internationally.

If American car companies want to rebuild their reputation….it’s very straightforward….make them RELIABLE and fuel efficient….a decent design.To do this European car designers could be imported to show them how (not British of course….Britain’s car industry has experienced similar problems…lack of investment….It is NOT  a coincidence that NY and London are banking centres…

Most of all the USA has not been governed properly….The whole Congress and Senate is OWNED by the Jews…

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