American crime show “schnapped” helps solve serious crime in NZ….!

Early 90’s NZ….as a naive kiwi I still believed in the nonsense about freedom of speech,freedom of information etc etc,that sort of stuff….The wake up call followed not much later.Learning that the police investigate themselves when they break the law and also finding out that unless you have piles of cash “justice” is a lottery….was “interesting” and that some NZers are more equal than others when it comes to justice (like the Delgat assault case in Dunedin) was also noteworthy.

Anyway I was at Wellington Central police station talking to a policewoman and she very kindly offered me a cup of coffee in a plastic cup….subsequently I figured out this was a means to get my fingerprints….WRONG!.

More like they were after my DNA….illegal of course.They will also have photographs on file…you can be sure of that….illegally…

BUT you have to be knowledgeable about how much attention is paid to legislation regarding holding and collecting DNA by the police…..ZERO,NADA and ZIP….particularly if you are a “conspiracy theorist”…..

Circa 1968…. I am in class sitting next to another pupil whose name was Allison….I must have mentioned something about Jews….and then mentioned a weird book I had……The Protocols of the Elders of Zion…I had attempted to read it but could not understand what is was about…since it was written in weird English…I was more interested in Playboy magazines which were like gold at this time…or National Geographic magazines…

Strangely Allison was very keen to see this “book” and asked me to bring it to school so he could read it???.I eventually brought it to school gave it to him,then virtually forgot about it.Then I recalled I loaned the book to him and asked him to return it.He flatly refused and said he was keeping it…..which I really did not give a damn about.

Subsequently I learned that Allison had gone on to be an electrician…AND he had gone to Israel for a time to work on a Kibbutz!!…..only years later did his book heist make sense.

Not too long after that things started to go wrong for the family….in a number of ways…..This COULD have been a coincidence….but then again possibly not….

As a bit of a laugh…a couple of years later Allison asked to borrow an English essay I had written…The whole class had been instructed to do so,only Allison said he had forgotten to do it.So I let him copy mine….no worries…Ever thing was OK until I discovered Allison’s essay got something like a B+ and mine had got a C…..but they were exactly the same!.Much to Allison’s displeasure I was not going to let the English teacher get away with it….and went up to his desk to complain…..SHOO!,just go away! he said…..The cunt….

An episode of the program “snapped” mentioned the police tailing a suspect in order to get a DNA sample without alerting the suspect to the fact….they eventually got a sample from a plastic coffee cup……discarded by the suspect…yessssssssss!’!…You would get nowhere trying to prove that one…even with a high priced lawyer!.

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