NZ TV3…gives a totally biased report on the Dutch election.

They labelled Wilders a “far right candidate”…..Infact he is a crypto Jew who has visited Israel on a number of occasions….he is not “far right” he is a Jewish stooge focussing entirely on Muslim immigration….when The Netherlands is being over run by people from all over the world.He is focussing on Muslim immigration because it suits the Israeli objectives….that is,ramp up anti Muslim immigration which,in the future,the Jews will use to legitimise Israeli attacks on surrounding Muslim countries.Check the Barbara Spectre You Tube video to see WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR MUSLIM IMMIGRATION INTO WESTERN COUNTRIES IN THE FIRST PLACE!.

The NZ Jewish reporter covering the election then interviews an ex-pat NZer living in the Netherlands….she expresses negative opinions about Wilders…what 99% of NZers won’t know is the expat,supposedly impartial,Kiwi is….another NZ Jew,like the Reporter.You can be sure she was not selected at random…there is a good chance she was already known to the Reporter.

By running the Jew Wilders…it enables the Jewish networks to control both sides of the political process (like the Clinton/Trump contest…BOTH JEWS).

The French candidate ,Marine Le Pen is NOT a crypto Jew….this is highly unusual and places Me Pen in great danger of assassination….The Jews attempted to assassinate her family a few years ago with a big bomb attack.If another attack takes place…they will most likely attempt to use a Muslim pasty….this would be a win win situation for global Jewry.(see assassination of Robert Kennedy…by a Palestinian nutter)

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