Superb psych-ops from the Guardianstein

The Guardianstein is a Jewish owned and operated propaganda operation…Most of the journalists are Jews of course and they all sell political correctness….they take the position of moral superiority….people who don’t subscribe to the Guardians views on stuff are either ignorant or racist or unenlightened or even suffering from some form of mental ‘elf problems.

So the Guardianstein is extraordinarily arrogant too….which is hardly surprising since Jews are renown for their arrogance….it is sort of a Jewish characteristic….like steatopigia (massive butts like Nicki Mingia the hip hopper pop star) in West African tribes it is probably an inherited condition.

The Guardian has just run a short video about “angry people on the net”….not coincidently the angry people have views which don’t coincide with the Guardians world view….predictably the people depicted are cast as some sort of weirdos…

Of course the Guardian won’t be featuring Paul Craig Roberts on its videos….he could be regarded as angry about what has happened to America.For example his views on the obviously fake 9/11 attack…Roberts does not fit the bill as an irate blogger….Infact Roberts is regarded as such a threat that the Jewish owned and operated Harvard University has put Roberts on a Watch List/hate list…via Harvard’s library….warning students that Roberts is a purveyor of fake news….Legion De Honeur winners do not make useful stooges for Guardian propaganda they have too much street cred….Far better to depict cranks in back rooms with giant TV’s.

A lot have people have figured this stuff out…which explains why Guardian sales have dropped like a stone…so now they are getting wealthy (no doubt most are Jews) contributors to keep Britain’s Pravda afloat……The cheek of the bastards……..

The 9/11 attack is useful for weeding out FAKES like The Guardian and Daily Mail…if a newspaper or TV follows the party line that the official account on 9/11 is real….they are automatically FAKE….so that means all Western media…which is largely controlled by the Jews….No wonder the Guardian was heading for extinction until unknown “contributors” saved its bacon….if you’ll excuse the expression.

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