American society…fracturing and breaking down..

Think of the pressures exerted on the average American middle class family…

The Middle Class is already under pressure from falling wage rates…so “lower middle class”

becomes more a more appropriate.description.

But there a whole host of “pressures” being placed on Americans.Drugs for example ….middle class families have been hit hard by drugs…destroying lives…turning middle class daughters into prostitutes in order to feed their drug addiction.

Saturation of society with pornography on the internet….The effects of this are yet to truly hit home….although rape will see an increase….if it hasn’t already.  The breakdown of sexual identity and the promotion of this behaviour by the media…


Today the government of America is totally corrupt….it is now so corrupt that it is impossible to imagine a non corrupt candidate ever being able to stand for the presidency….impossible.

Today America is TOTALLY in the thrall of the Jews….they OWN ALL THE BIG CORPORATIONS…THEY OWN THE CONGRESS AND SENATE…and now the only candidates allowed to stand for president ARE JEWS….usually crypto Jews so the dumbed down American voters don’t catch on…..and the Federal Reserve is TOTALLY JEWISH….

In short America is now governed by an ethnic minority,much like South Africa once was…an ethnic minority very hostile to Christianity….They even have crypto Jews like Benny Hinn teaching “Old Testament Christianity”.’.’

In these circumstances…revolution becomes the only viable option….if there is no revolution things are only going to go from bad to worse.The idiot Trump is NO solution to the problem.

Nothing short of the removal of the Jews from the government will work…at least the billions they steal from American taxpayers every year which is siphoned into Tel Aviv banks, would stop.

Only a top down revolution has the possibility of working….The Jew run CIA for example needs to be broken up before it gets even more powerful.

The Jewish owned and operated media is responsible for so much of the breakdown….think of garbage like the Kardashians as just one example…along with all the lies they feed the public about war in the Middle East…

With proper action the drug problem could be shut down quickly…..but many of the decision makers are taking drugs!!!”…cocaine is the drug of choice for the upper classes.

Looking on the bright side Americans are heavily armed….sniper rifles are going to be very useful for removing the one percent….

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