Pop star records….

When citing a Popstars credentials…..The media likes to give a breakdown of the records achieved by X Y or Z….Popstar….

For example…” X Pop star has accumulated the greatest number of awards in crossover music in X space of time”

OR Nicki Minjai has the most mobile butt/bosom combination of all time..

Mariah Carrie (Octoroon CRYPTO)has the greatest ability in pop history to change shape…and has the record for the fastest consumption of Big Mac’s in two hours.

Ringo Starr (crypto Jew)has the greatest number of surviving brain cells after a life time of drug use.

The record business even extends to film stars…The guardian reported last week that Jennifer Lawrence (crypto Jew)has the record for the most highly publicised vagina in the history of film making.

Michael Caine (crypto Jew) has the record for the most one dimensional acting ability in the history of film making.

Somehow singers and actors capture the public’s imagination….Nicki Minjai certainly has….from looking forward to a lifetime of poverty and a struggle to make ends meet she is now hugely rich…ditto the Barbabian Rhianna…although there is only a short stretch of water between the West Indian islands and the US….there seems to be quite a difference between blacks in both countries…Senseless violence is a common feature though.

Pop star stuff is a good distraction though…like hugely overpaid sports stars….they are used to promote multiculturalism by the hidden elite…Global Jews Incorporated.

One look at the current Prime Minister of The Netherlands tells you Europe is headed for oblivion….a well bred stringy fop incapable of handling the invasion of Europe….who would still be promoting immigration while being beaten to a pulp by immigrant muggers…




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