Crypto jew news in Kiwiland….

One of the crypto Jews (White) has just skipped town using diplomatic immunity…he was wanted by the police on an unreleased crime charge.White was attached to the American embassy (the American ambassador is a Jew)’.

Justin Bieberstein is holding a concert in Auckland….let’s hope responsible parents have equipped their daughters with a Kalashnikov…..maybe they can fit in a burst of lead on Bieber ,in between screams.

Jew pop stars USUALLY conceal the fact they are Jews…for good reason…no one likes Jews…

The Jewish controlled media never mentions Bieber-steen is a Jew.

It is at times like these….a dictator would come in handy….a quick jab of polonium would send this arrogant Jewish wanker to an early grave….

Then there was a scene from the late Roman Empire….a whole bunch of sexual deviants parading through Wellington Streets….including a bunch of fudgepacker policemen who seem to have been co-opted into homosexual promotion….by the homosexuals in parliament.

This is how the rot set in….leading to Ancient Rome’s demise….Good news for current Kiwis… will be at least a hundred years before the rot really sets in….Naturally the organisers of these events are Jewish….

These marches would have been impossible to imagine 50 years back…just like today it is impossible to imagine legalised pedophilia and incest…….

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