The Truthseeker co UK runs another disinformation article.

The article concerns Katy Perry the pop star…..and her attempts to buy a former convent in California…..resisted by a squad of nuns.

All was going well with the article UNTIL they mentioned she was from a Christian background…then it became “suspicious”.

Perry may be from a “Christian” background, just like John Kerry…BUT she is sure as hell not a real Christian.

One should note her marriage to Wussel Bwand the multi-millionaire Rasputin lookalike….AND JEW….(Brand being a Jewish crypto Jewish surname).Brand is a “socialist”….like Geldof the charity thief…who is also a Jew…

Perry is a Jew,have absolutely no doubt about that…which perhaps explains her interest in Witchcraft…Most of the current crop of solo female popstars are Jewish…..Taylor Swift being a notable exception….

From Madonna (a jewess formerly married to an English film director and Jew) to Lady Gaga….  these Jews all push degenerate sort of stuff.Madonna pretended to masturbate with a cross and Lady Gaga with her raw meat dress…..they seem to take pleasure in offending people….but…there is a more sinister aspect to all of this…..

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