Theresa May and her heavily armoured Jaguar (Jaguar..The famous British brand has been sold off to an Indian company)

Looks like May has been given a new staff car….a very heavily armoured Jaguar saloon…

This is “good news” in a roundabout sort of a way….it indicates that May the crypto Jew….WHO HAS DONE NOTHING TO STOP THE INVASION OF BRITAIN BY THE THIRD WORLD….is coming under pressure from British nationalists…The media won’t be reporting this of course…

NOTE; prior to the brexit vote May was quite open about supporting Britain being flooded with invaders.Since then of course she has changed her tune…which demonstrates that she is NOT TO BE TRUSTED.

MAY…going up in smoke would serve a message to the crypto Jewish elite….start representing Britain’s voters…or face the consequences….

May is a joke…no one can take her seriously.Naturally the Jewish owned media gives her an easy ride…just like they did with another complete joke…Obama….he got eight years of free publicity from the media….yet he was one of America’s WORST presidents.

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