Would the American government risk wiping out ANOTHER 100 Americans…today.

Thanks entirely to the internet…it is very doubtful.

The massacre at Waco was carried out on the orders of the Jewess Janet Reno…and the Clintons.

If they tried it on today the internet would quickly establish what was going on….The lies used to cover up the massacre would not stand scrutiny…

Americans are poorer too….so they would have less to lose if they decided to take action.Keep in mind the Jewish controlled US government ALSO butchered many children when they set fire to the branch Davidians compound.

So it is highly unlikely the Jew controlled government would risk killing more of its own citizens.

Put it like this…The Jews who control the US government are getting “nervy”…which explains why they installed Trump as president….According to a recent report Trump is getting a lot of anti-Semitic “tweets”…..so obviously a lot of Americans are not buying Trumps pitch…and they will see through the “no handshake”farce with the Jewess Merkel….

Americans are no doubt stocking up on sniper rifles like the 50 calibre Barret…they’ll need them because US police forces have been equipped with ex military equipment….there is a sort of miniature arms race going on.

The government of the US will be aware of the need to stop a major incident taking place which could act as a rallying point for Americans.More likely they will attempt to copy the British model…where pinpoint raids are made on the dwellings of key players…picking them off,one by one…..all illegal of course….but that counts for nothing….No doubt British patriots are establishing heavily fortified houses in response….it would be difficult for the Jewish controlled media to cover up an attack by the government…mind you,THE BBC would simply not report it….

One thing is for sure…if the Jewish controlled British govt is not stopped…hundreds of thousands of third world invaders will continue to arrive on the shores of Britain…The scenes you witness at Heathrow airport tell you every thing you need to know about the state of Britain….it is being over run….by alien peoples.

Once people in Britain learn about crypto Jews in the government…it will all become much clearer.

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