Would a serious news organisation do this….?

Tv3…. 0ne of NZs two news channels.Their self promoting advertisements attesting to their superb news is in marked contrast to REALITY.

Guess what…their opening news item was none other than the death of an octogenarian pop star Chuck jailbird Berry….Then the hyperbole started…all the old wrinklies were hauled in…and not to be outdone modern pop stars put in their pennyworth…gaining street cred from fans for being of high enough status to be asked their opinion of the “living legend” now non living.Bruno Marrs the weird midget pop star was all “too keen to be seen”……’which could form part of the lyrics of his next tune…in between the high pitch strangled yelps…the sound of which you normally associate with arboreal primates in mating season.

So Prime News or Tv3 news ,they’re almost identical ,ARE A FUCKING JOKE.

So you switch over to tv1…only to be bombarded by more Jewish politically correct news.The Jewish reporter Andrea Vance is telling Kiwis about Syrian immigrants in NZ getting problems from Nz customs…OF COURSE THEY DO…The area of the world they come from is beset with terrorism.It should be noted that if it wasn’t for the Jews in Israel who have set the region alight…there would NOT be a Syrian terrorism problem….Jews like Andrea Vance are slowly undermining NZs identity…and they are pitting NZers against each other…..NOTE:All political reporters on NZ TV are JEWISH….this exclusivity is achieved via a racist employment policy favouring JEWS….which is hardly surprising since all the senior executives are Jewish…a fact kept well under wraps.

There is a strategy involved in all this of course….a strategy designed to cement the Jews position as the ruling elite in NZ….

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