British govt to clamp down on wasteful govt spending.

Theresa May is concerned about excessive government spending and has introduced moves to save hard pressed British taxpayers…

And what better way to start than calling a halt to the pedophile enquiry involving Edward Heath…

Findings of the enquiry are going to be made confidential…

It is so OBVIOUS that Heath (reputation and connections still alive) is being protected that you hardly need comment on it….

Another current lie is the crypto Jew Tony Blair saying he had “no idea that Immigrants would pour into Britain”…He also had “no idea that there were no WMD in Iraq”‘

Blair has the unique distinction by being HATED by all of Britain whether left or right.

Britain absolutely needs a revolution…Just as the CIA in the US needs to be wiped out,so too does the British Secret Police…MI5…who are up to their necks in BOTH of the above cases….

You should be aware that the MI5 will get progressively more murderous and violent in the future…this is the normal pattern when the elites jig is up….

There will be a lot more “suicides” like Dr David Kelly….THATS ANOTHER ONE THAT CAN BE ATTRIBUTED TO BLAIR…but first people have to get their head around the idea…The Blair is a grotesque liar and psychopath….he literally needs to be grabbed off the street and strung up.

Meantime,in the real world hundreds of thousands of third world invaders continue to arrive in Britain (some rescued mid channel by the British navy on orders of the crypto Jewish oligarchy which rules Britain…Mays first dinner date prior to assuming office was with Britain’s chief rabbi….it could hardly be clearer).

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