NSW Attorney General Gabrielle Upton

She is Jewish of course….Global Jews Inc. Make it their business to install Jews in critical positions like this.Strange there is no mention of her ethnicity in the media.Rupert Murdoch the owner of the SMH…will make sure of that.Murdoch is ALSO a Jew as is his new wife Jerry Hall (there are a disproportionate number of crypto Jews living in Texas…including the Bush Family who masquerade as some sort of Christians…and of course Lyndon Johnson who was installed by the Jews after they murdered JFK.Turned out well for Jewish HQ in Israel…since Johnson was directly involved in the cover up of the Jews attack on the USS Liberty.)

Guess what…Upton is closely involved in moves to undermine free speech in Australia…she wants new “hate speech” legislation introduced.

OK…NOTE THIS POINT…currently her main point is….to prevent nasty comments being made about Muslims (which Australian Jews were instrumental in bringing into Australia).

BUT…this new legislation will in time,be employed against European Australians….once they realise WHO is bringing in invaders from the third world…HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF THEM…

So Uptons motivation is self serving and has little to do with other ethnicities sensitivities.

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