TV 1 news brought to you live from the closing stages of the Roman Empire.

There is a full blown male competing in a weight lifting competition for females.

A pop star from Airstrip One…(Britain) the Lard Bucket warbler “ADELLE” celebrates on stage… as two fudgepackers announce their engagement…

The plebs in the audience think this was a spontaneous event…but infact it was without a doubt planned/prearranged….No doubt the buggery promo will see more recruits to homosexuality…..”if it’s good enough for Adele….then obviously it’s cool”.


A little reported fact … the fact ….that the stage Adele performs on, has to be ¬†specially reinforced with anti-bounce technology as Ms Piggy wobbles around the stage….NOTE:While Adele herself is not Jewish….her husband sure as hell is.A bit similar to the swearing cook..who appears on different tv programmes…he is not a Jew…BUT his wife sure as hell is.They socialise with the Beckheims…both of whom are crypto Jews.

Jews totally own the entertainment industry….enabling them to have a hugely disproportionate influence over public opinion….including persuading people that homosexuals are normal rather than suffering from a mental disorder.Infact people who point this out will be labelled by Tub ‘O’ Lard Adele as the ones who have a screw loose…a total inversion of the truth….The sort of thing you might expect in Orwells nightmare vision of the future.

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